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Possums are cute but annoying creatures that trespass into your property. Removing them by yourself is not a good idea. Possums are protected under Australian law, and if you accidentally end up killing them it would be deemed as a criminal offence in Australia. With amaze pest control Canberra, you are assured to get highly dependable services for possum removal from your property. Moreover, you can also contact us for removing possums from your housing as well as business property. You just need to reach out to us and speak to our customer care executives for an appointment. After which our team would be sent to your property for smooth removal of possums from your spaces. You need not worry about the possums in your property or garden. Rest assured, be free of your stress when you hire our professional services for the same. 


  • Possum droppings contain a lot of germs and bacteria that may trigger ulcers that can cause the human flesh to get damaged or come out. 
  • Possums may display violent if there are pets in your property. Possums can also get bugs, lice, ticks and fleas indoors. 
  • If you or your loved ones come into contact with the excreta of possums then you may begin experiencing certain functional damages in your body that may have long term repercussions. 
  • Possums are also likely to leave your house with a peculiar smell and staining by way of their urine. Your walls and ceilings also may experience yellowing too. 
  • Possums, due to their activities, can damage your roof and thus cause more pests to come into your house through that route.  
  • When they enter into your home, just like rodents, they will also chew and eat under the wiring and thermal insulation thus causing the insulation and wires to get damaged.  

Services we offer 

  • Possum Removal  
  • Wasp Control  
  • Termite control  
  • Spider Control  
  • Rodent Control  
  • Birds Nesting  
  • Moth Control  
  • Flea Control  
  • End Of Lease Pest Control 
  • Residential Pest Control 
  • Commercial Pest Control 

Why Choose Us?

Amaze Pest Control Blanket Flat is a leading pest control company specializing in possum removal. We specialize in possum removal and provide quick, relevant and professional services to prevent any damage or disturbance to our clients from occurring. We have been the undisputed leaders in the pest control sector in Blanket Flat and surrounding regions.  

  • We always believe in reducing any possible damage induced due to these undesirable pests in your property.  
  •  We are a fully insured and licensed pest control service. 
  • Our possum removal Canberra teams are certified and highly experienced. 
  • We have trained all our pest control teams to use advanced and state-of-the-art pest control equipment and products. 
  • Our chemicals and pest control products are safe and eco-friendly. They do not cause any harm to your kids, pets or pregnant women in the household. 


1. I have seen a possum in my property. What do I do next? 

Firstly, identify the point through which the possum entered into your property. Try to block or seal it. If there are any holes around your property seal them as well. Contact amaze pest control service Blanket Flat team on 0480021568 for an appointment with our possum removal experts. 

2. Can the possum come back to my roof? 

No, we take care to relocate it. Plus, pest control Blanket Flat pest controllers also identify the holes and cavities in the roofs and seal them. Doing so is enough to prevent possums from entering your home through the roofs. 

3. I hear possums running through my roof at night. What should I do? 

You need to cut back any overgrown trees that may be providing an easy access to possums into your house. Connect with pest control team on call 0480021568 for an appointment for our possum removal service. 

4. Are the pest control products used by your team safe for my new-born? 

 We take highest precautions from our side to minimize any hazards to you or your infant. We recommend that you remain away from the pest control site for a minimum of 4-5 hours after the application of the product. If there are infants in your house our pest control teams will use particular products to reduce any health risks for your new born.    

5. Is it possible to kill possums for getting rid of them? 

Possums are a protected species, and killing them is illegal.  We can remove them from your property and also possum-proof the property so that they would not come back.  


 Amaze Pest Control Blanket Flat is your local pest control service that provides excellent pest extermination as well as possum removal service. Contact us on 0480021568 for an appointment for the possum removal today. Our teams are well-equipped for helping you out and freeing your property from the destructive pests that possums are! 

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