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Are there wasp dens inside your house? And you want to get rid of it immediately? Put an end to all your worries, as Amaze pest control Canberra is here for your help. We are the best pest control service providers and offer same-day service. Experience our efficient and instant services of wasp control Canberra. The presence of wasps can create a hazardous environment. These insects don’t just affect your surrounding but can also give your painful stings that can be fatal for some.

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At Amaze Pest Control Canberra, we understand the frustrations that come with wasp infestations. Our experienced team of professionals use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate wasp colonies from your home or business. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure a thorough and safe removal of wasps and other pests from your property. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure that your wasp problem is solved quickly and efficiently. We are the experts in wasp control in Canberra and guarantee to provide the best possible results. Contact us today to discuss your wasp control needs and let us help you regain control of your home or business.

The wasp outbreak can cause serious problems to businesses and homeowners. So, when you spot even a single wasp in your neighborhood feel free in calling Amaze pest control Canberra. We will thoroughly inspect your area and apply the correct method for the elimination of wasps. Our proficient and skilled experts provide wasp control services to both residential and commercial clients in Canberra. Be assured, as our methods are 100% safe for your kids and pets.

Professionals at Amaze pest control Canberra are experts and highly qualified for dealing with all kinds of wasps. You can contact us any time of the day, as we remain available 24×7 and throughout the year. Our wasp removal services are well known all across Canberra. We only adopt the highly advanced techniques and equipment for wasp elimination.

Commonly found wasps & different wasp nest removal services in Canberra

European wasps:

  • The European wasp types have slightly transparent wings. The first wings pair is wider than others.
  • These wasps are extreme stingers.
  • The size of the European wasp lies around 12-17mm.
  • You may spot the queen wasp during winters.
  • During winters, male and female wasps die in their nest.

Common Wasps:

  • The normal wasps have two pairs of wings. In these wasps, you can notice a size difference in the wings.
  • The antennas of these wasps are black in color. Their wings are closer to their bodies.
  • Normal wasps feed on different insects.
  • The size of these wasps ranges in-between 12 to 16 mm.

Sand Wasps

  • Sand wasps consume nectar. But, for taking better care of the larvae, they prefer feeding on other insects like flies.
  • These wasps are slightly larger in size and scale around 22mm.
  • These are non-aggressive wasps species. They don’t usually bite when disturbed. But, for the protection of their nest, they may attack collectively.

Tree Brown Paper Wasps

  • These wasps have a yellow-colored appearance. With a yellow body, their abdomen and head have brown to black spots.
  • You can easily spot them on your house’s side and inside trees that have hollow branches.
  • These wasps have smaller sizes and range between 8mm to 12 mm.
  • Tree brown paper wasps can be easily found around trees, forests, gardens, and so on.

Social Wasps

  • The size of worker wasps lies around 15mm whereas the queen is 19mm or more.
  • Social wasps consume human food and feed on other insects as well.
  • These wasps have a couple of wings pair. They have alternate band patterns in black and yellow.
  • They can attack you with continuous stings when disturbed.

Native Paper Wasp

  • These wasps are thin and small in size.
  • You can spot over 35 different species of native paper wasps in Australia.
  • Their head is small in size, but the antenna and eyes are slightly bigger.
  • They have a length of 10 to 22mm.

Nesting Mud Wasps

  • These wasps are present in two color variants, orange and yellow with black.
  • The size of these wasps ranges from 5mm to 30 mm.
  • These variants are easily spotted around Canberra.
  • You can find the forests, tropical and even in urban locations as well.
  • Nesting mud wasps consume honey nectar, insect fluids, and plants.

Whiteface brown wasps

  • These wasps can be commonly spotted living in buildings, under old bridges, caves, hanging rocks, and trees.
  • They are smaller creatures and range from around 0.8mm to 10 mm.
  • The white-faced brown wasps are pollinators. Wasps are an important part of the eco-system. So, if these insects are present in your garden, they will help in plant growth.
  • As the name suggests, these wasps have a white face and body of brown color. These insects can be identified with their white circles found on the thorax and abdomen.

Tips to prevent wasps by Amaze pest control Canberra!

Getting professional assistance is the best solution for wasp elimination from your house and surrounding. But, there are a few habits that can be adopted for wasp control Canberra. A little change in your handling of drinks and food outside your house can prevent wasps from entering your premises. For wasps prevention, DIY solutions work as well. Find out some more tips from Amaze pest control Canberra: Amaze pest control Canberra

  • Avoid keeping the dustbin close to your doors and windows.
  • Use wire barriers for preventing wasp entrance.
  • In case, you notice wasps around your surroundings, keep your pets and kids in a safe place and seek professional help from.
  • Keep a regular check of wasp presence.
  • Use or make wasp repellent for keeping them away from your house. These natural repellants are effective in wasp control Canberra.

Process of wasp control at Amaze pest control Canberra

At, Amaze pest control Canberra we have a team of highly qualified team of professionals. And, here’s how we execute our wasp control services effectively:


We arrive at the location and do a thorough inspection of the area. The inspection is vital for understanding the type of wasps infestation and choosing the correct treatment method.

Treatment Plan

After inspection, we provide specialized services for wasp control Canberra. Our professionals adopt a safe and effective method for treating the wasps. All the information is communicated with the clients.

Why choose Amaze pest control Canberra?

  • Decades of experience in wasp control
  • Use of eco-friendly methods
  • We serve both residential and commercial clients
  • Affordable prices
  • Certified professionals
  • Instant response and same-day services


1. Are your services affordable?

Yes. All our services are pocket-friendly.

2. Can I make wasp repellent at home?

Yes. Homemade wasp repellent is effective in wasp control.

3. Do you provide emergency services?

Yes, Amaze pest control Canberra provides same-day and emergency services for the wasp control.

4. Are wasps dangerous?

Yes. Wasps stings are painful and sometimes can yield fatal consequences.

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