Professional Services of Borer Control in Canberra

Borers are nothing but the pests that damage your valuable wooden furniture and other assets made by wood. One day you may wake up and find your wooden furniture damaged by these nasty pests. But, to avoid this situation, you can do a professional inspection for borers from Amaze Pest Control Canberra.

Amaze Pest Control Canberra is a company that provides reliable services of borer control in Canberra. We are here to save you and your furniture from borers. The borers can cause the destruction and collapse of your wooden furniture. It is critical to control borer infestation at home as they work in silence and hidden places. You need to inspect the hook and nook of your furniture to even trace their signs. That’s why borer control and inspection need professional pest controllers.

Calling Amaze Pest Control Canberra is an authentic way for you to get rid of destructive borers from your home or office. These borers are not only harmful to your furniture but also your health. Call us right away and make your place completely borer-free.

Why Choose Us for Borer Control in Canberra

We at Amaze Pest Control Canberra have a core objective of providing our clients with quality borer control services at affordable rates. We serve all areas of Canberra. Our trained staff will help you get rid of borer by using our exclusive and customized strategies. Our team has the great dedication, skills, experience and practical knowledge. You can rely on us for effective borer control in Canberra. Here are some perks of hiring us:

  • We cover all areas of Canberra
  • Our services and customer support is available 24/7
  • We provide emergency as well as single-day services
  • We have an economical price range
  • We use green chemicals that are pet-friendly
  • You can get a free quotation over a phone call
  • Our professionals are certified and licensed for borer control in Canberra

So, call us right away and be tension-free. We understand the value of your health and furniture. To secure your place from these unhygienic pests, you must call an authentic and popular company. Connect with our staff and they will solve all your doubts.

Why It Is Important To Get Rid of Borers?

Borers not only dwell in the wood but can cause several damages to your economy and health. Here are some major impacts of borers on people and their economy:

  • They can affect your structural timber.
  • Borers can damage and destroy the wooden fittings and the attached furniture. It may impair the setting of your furniture.
  • Even they make room in your wooden furniture to lay their eggs. This way they can make and increase their family for more destruction.
  • Many species of borers choose wood walnut mahogany and ash for chewing.
  • They can also harm your home decors such as frames, plywood, panelling, door and flooring.
  • Some other species focus on trees too.
  • Their attack can cause fungi on your wooden furniture. This bacterial growth may damage the furniture more.
  • The borers and their movements can trigger fires as well.

How To Detect Borer Outbreak?

There are some ways by which you can detect the borer outbreak at your home or office. Check it out.


You may spot wooden paste or wood dust outside the boreholes.

Ticking tone

Young borers scream or make a buzzing sound while tunnelling the wood. You can detect this ticking tone when everything is quiet.

Presence of borers in tunnels

You can check tunnels for the borer’s presence. They are hiding there or eating wood.

Holes in flight

Borers create holes and make a way out of the wood. These holes can be the sign of borer infestation.

Holes under your carpet or rugs

You must keep an eye on your floor underneath the carpet or other floor covering for borer outbreak.

Fungus Growth

Borers cause fungus and other bacterial growth. If your furniture or timber is showing fungus then the reason can be a borer outbreak.


Moisturized rooms or furniture attract borers. Make sure your furniture is not damp.

Presence of dead beetles

You may spot deceased borers inside your furniture. Keep an eye on that too.

Crumbling of timbers

If there is wood dust around the joints of furniture then it may be the sign of borers.

Poor-fitting of floor

Borers can cause poor-fitting of the floor. So, when you think your tiles are loose then you must inspect the area and furniture for borers.

Hire Professionals for Hassle-Free Borer Control in Canberra

A professional service gives you many benefits. We at Amaze Pest Control Canberra provide a 100% result guarantee and client satisfaction. Our professional pest controllers are expert in borer control. We use effective solutions to get rid of borers from your home or workplace.

So, call us without hesitation and make your place completely safe and hygienic. You will avail of a free quote by calling us at any hour of the day.


1. Why is border outbreak dangerous?

Borers can harm both your health and the economy. These tiny creatures can completely ruin your furniture and cause you trouble. Also, it may cause fungus and other bacterial growth that is very unhygienic.

2. Can I deal with the borers by home remedies?

Yes, but the home remedies may not work well. You need professional help to force-stop the borer infestation and save your place from damage as soon as possible.

3. What if my office furniture is infested by borers?

You can call us for commercial borer control in Canberra. Our dedicated and skilled team can get rid of borers from your office effectively.

4. How can I prevent the outbreak of borers?

You can use repellents, maximum temperature or can treat the spot and surface for preventing borer outbreak. Calling professionals is the better way than taking all the effort.

5. Can you complete the borer control treatment in a single day?

Yes. We provide same-day borer control services that can treat the infestation within the same day of booking.

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