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At Amaze Pest Control Canberra, we have a dedicated dead animal removal service in Canberra that helps to keep your home and property safe and clean. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with the unpleasant task of removing a dead animal, and we are here to help. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the knowledge and tools to safely and quickly remove dead wildlife from your property.

dead animal removal service Canberra

When animals reach their untimely demise in the walls or attics of houses or residential yards, issues can occur that are difficult to solve without the assistance of highly qualified wildlife removal experts. Mice, rodents, possums, and other species are often found living near buildings.  When dead animal bodies are left unattended in residences or yards, homeowners face unwelcome scents, illness, contamination, and potential insect infestation.

An animal’s remains can be hidden from view by walls, floors, or crawl spaces and will be detected when gasses created by bodily decay fill the room with an unpleasant odour. Fluids drip and leech into surrounding objects, resulting in foul stains that expand and develop as the animal’s body rots. These signals can cause fear and discomfort for humans and draw other insect or animal insects that feast on corpses.

Amaze Pest Control Canberra: Animal and Rodent Carcases and Droppings in Canberra

Dead rodents, such as rats and mice, are often discovered in and near houses, even within walls, under floor tiles, underneath porches, concealed within crawl spaces, in yards, or pools. Most of these species, especially mice and rats, are pests, and when poisonous baits are used to control the rodent population, the odds of the animals starving and rotting, allowing the dead animal to die and disintegrate, grow massively. People who come into contact with animal carcasses can contract diseases or parasites that the creatures once harboured. If the entrails is left unattended, it can contaminate soil or water supplies with dangerous diseases such as cryptosporidium, roundworm, tapeworm, and others.

Undisposed bodies can also be dangerous to pets like dogs and cats, which may quickly catch parasites and diseases. Dead animals emit a smell, and the entrails can cause health issues, insect infestations, stains, and residual scents. Following the removal of the animal(s), Amaze Pest Control Canberra experts use unique deodorisers, neutralisers, and air purifiers to eliminate the terrible smell. People should avoid touching a dead animal that has been discovered in their house or yard. Clearing animal carcasses, therefore, prevents the threats and future insect infestations that come with them.

We have extensive dead animal removal Canberra and pest removal services.

When there are many animals on a farm, or also whether it is just a switch of seasons that has brought a rise in the number of uninvited creatures into your household, there is a substantial risk of dangerous infection from waste and droppings spreading rapidly, creating foul odours, staining, and also the possibility for communicable diseases.

Removal of Dead Rats

Have you recently put traps around the house and now have the disgusting odour of a dead animal emanating from your roof, doors, or the crawl space under the house? Then, notify Amaze Pest Control Canberra, and we will assist you with dead animal removal Canberra.

Contact us for dead rat removal Canberra, and we will assist you in finding the source of the stink and disposing of the dead rodent safely and effectively.

Our experts can disinfect and sterilise any environment contaminated by wildlife of any kind, including dead animals, rat droppings, animal urine and faeces, in the house, vehicle, workplace, or sea.

Dead Possum Removal  Canberra

Possums face death. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. However, possums will die in the most inconvenient of locations. Dead possum and rat scents are nasty and can remain for weeks until the carcass dries out enough to reduce the stink. However, long though the original smell of the deceased body has subsided, the entrails persists. Dead animal carcasses can pose a health risk if they are left in place inside walls, ceilings, or sub-flooring.

Acting immediately to eliminate the deceased animal decreases the amount of time the scent can persist, as well as the chance of property loss that can occur when bacteria involved in the decomposition process infiltrate porous or absorbent surfaces.

If you’re experiencing a terrible smell and can’t make out what it is. There’s a fair chance you have a dead possum in your house. Deceased possums in roofs will leave a stench that surrounds your whole house.

You should get this extracted as quickly as possible because the dead animal scent would intensify and may pose a safety threat.

Dead Animal Removal Canberra

Any dead animals in your household should be extracted. Dealing with a rat infestation will result in dead rats that must be removed. Larger creatures, such as possums, should be removed from the house and home as well.

When an animal dies, various control strategies can be examined more closely on affected area points. These must be tackled to discourage livestock from returning to the impacted areas. It is critical to locate the source. Examining wall and roof cavities to see where the animals could have reached is an effective preventative step.

If you need the removal of a dead animal from your estate or house, we will assist you as quickly as possible. Throughout most Canberra suburbs, Amaze Pest Control Canberra delivers same-day pest management and dead animal removal Canberra services.

And if a dead animal is stuck in your roof or another inconvenient spot, we will retrieve it in a timely and effective manner.

Dead Animal Removal Canberra FAQ

What is the most acceptable way to dispose of a dead animal?

When the dead animal is infected, incineration is the best method; but, it is often the most costly. Burying the carcass is an appropriate choice. To prevent predators from uncovering and eating the carcass, it should be buried at least 4 feet deep and coated with lime.

What do you do if you come across a dead animal?

If you come across injured or dead animals, call the local state or federal wildlife agency; they will determine whether or not to investigate. You may also mention this incident to the local health authority.

What happens if you come into contact with a dead animal?

If you come into contact with a dead animal, stop all overt contact with your skin and any actions that might result in fluid splattering. Rabies can be spread by contaminated fluids if they come into contact with broken skin or mucous membranes such as the eyes or lips.

Why do you not bury your pet in your back garden?

Pollution of the Environment. A decaying pet will contaminate the soil it touches with bacteria. This pollution then percolates into the groundwater, where it will spread to other areas. Other persons or animals who come into contact with the polluted soil or water may become critically ill.

Will vinegar get rid of the stink of a dead animal?

The vinegar can absorb the scent and will make space feel more inviting with pleasant smells. It has a beneficial effect on odour that can quickly eliminate the smell of a dead animal.

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