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Amaze Pest Control Canberra offers exceptional pest control services in Canberra and its surroundings. Additionally, we provide a wide range of pest control services to prevent the spread of infection and diseases from these pesky insects. Our staff goes a step further to perform pest control with utmost precision and provides you with the most desired results. We even offer pest spray services and pesticides in Canberra. To know more about our services, or book an appointment for same-day pest control Canberra service, then call on 0480021568.

Why Choose us for pest control services Canberra

Amaze Pest Control Canberra is a reputed pest control service provider in Canberra and offers tailored pest control solutions to the customer. Apart from that, there are few more points on why you should consider us for pest control at your commercial and residential establishment.

  • 24×7 same day pest control Canberra appointment
  • Service at reasonable cost
  • Trustworthy and highly reliable pest control service
  • Expert and trained technicians
  • Certified and experienced personnel
  • Works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on public holidays
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Highly advanced technology and products

Our Professional Pest Control Canberra Approach

Professional pest control service providers have the right skills, tools to effectively remove pests from your residential and commercial place. Thus, it is always better to hire a professional pest controller to eliminate pests from your life. Plus, we have vast information about pest behavior and habitat. Further, we use the most appropriate and effective pest control treatment to eradicate them. The pest control services offered by our professionals are cost-effective and are offered on the same day of booking. Plus, all our expert technicians are trained from time to time to provide you the best pest control treatment in no time. We follow the following approach towards pest control:

Inspection: On the confirmation of pest control services Canberra, our specialists reach your property and thoroughly inspect the infested and surrounding area. The complete inspection enables us to determine the type of pest and its location/habitat.

Treatment: After inspection, the experts will determine which method is best suited as per the infestation and severity. We employ only biodegradable chemicals to eliminate pests from your property. Our pest control chemicals are harmless to humans and pets but are highly effective on pests such as mites, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, and other pests.

Preventive Advice: After the completion of the treatment, our experts provide you with constructive preventive tips to avoid future pest infestation.

Post-inspection: Our technicians visit your property again to ensure that there are no pests left behind and that you are completely satisfied with our service.

So, if you notice a pest in your living or working space, do not delay. Call us today on 0480021568 and get the best pest control Canberra service.

The Benefit of Hiring Amaze Pest Control Canberra

Eradicating pests from your commercial or domestic place is not an easy job. If you try to use the DIY methods to tackle pest issues, you might get no output or even further damage the property. Without the proper knowledge, it is difficult to get rid of these creepy pests. So, it is always advised to hire a professional to deal with them in a specialized manner.

Benefits of hiring our technician can help in one of the many ways:

  • Our technicians are experienced and aware of the pest hiding spots.
  • We use the best-suited machines and pest treatment solutions.
  • Technicians from Amaze Pest Control Canberra are experts in different pest control.
  • We use the right and safe-to-use chemicals.

Our Pest Control Services Canberra

We are a decades-old pest control company and offer a wide range of pest control services to domestic and commercial clients. Here is the list of pest control services offered by us:

  • Wasp control, extermination, and removal
  • Mosquito control service
  • Flea fumigation service
  • Flea control service
  • Woodworm treatment
  • Termite control service
  • Pest Inspection
  • Insecticide and fumigation service
  • Scorpion control service
  • Fly and spider control service
  • Pest eradication and protection
  • Cockroach removal, extermination, and fumigation
  • Moth, Bat, and Bee control
  • Domestic pest control service
  • Commercial pest control service
  • Restaurant pest control
  • Ants removal and treatment
  • Squirrels control service
  • Tick control service
  • Bed bugs fumigation service
  • Rodent control and repellent
  • Silverfish control service
  • Emergency pest control service
  • Same day pest control Canberra service

Here are details about a few most common pest control services:

Cockroach Pest Control 

Cockroaches can contaminate and spread disease easily in humans. Amaze Pest Control Canberra uses the best-suited solution to ensure complete protection against roaches on your property. Our professional technicians are trained and know how to effectively eliminate cockroach issues.

Spider Pest Control

Spiders are among the nastiest pest species that need to be removed at the earliest for the safety of the family members. To effectively remove them from your property, you will need professional help. Professionals have the right machinery to eradicate these creepy spiders from your home or office. We are the most reliable leading pest control company in Canberra. To book an appointment for professional pest control, call on 0480021568 now!

Rodent control services

Rodent infestation is a disaster if not treated as soon as possible. It can damage everything on your property, such as clothing, food, books, electric pipes, wooden items, pipes, and many more. To control rodent infestation, call our expert on 0480021568 and get the best rodent control service in Canberra.

Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish are harmless to humans but can severely damage your belongings. So, to keep your belongings safe and long-lasting, call our professionals and get rid of these creepy insects from your property.

Reasonable Pest Control

Amaze Pest Control Canberra is known for offering high-quality and effective pest control to commercial and domestic clients. Our several decades of experience make the most reliable pest control service provider in the industry. Additionally, we believe in efficiency and lucidity. Hire us to get a value-for-money pest control service in Canberra.

Pest Spray Service

Another service offered by us is pest spray service to get rid of all the nasty critters on your property. There are several pest sprays in the markets that are dangerous, contaminated, and can cause harm to pets and children, as well as nature. Our expert technicians use eco-friendly pest sprays to eliminate pests effectively. Additionally, our services are affordable and offer long-lasting results.

Same Day Pest Control Canberra Service 

It is a headache to lead a life with pests on the property. Thus, we offer same-day pest control service to eradicate them from your place in the shortest time. We use biodegradable and the latest chemical to remove them without causing any harm to humans or pets. Our technicians are determined to offer you the best pest control service. Book an appointment today to get high-quality same day pest control Canberra service.

Commercial Pest Control

There are a variety of pests that could infest your commercial place, such as rodents, spiders, cockroaches, mites, etc. Amaze Pest Control Canberra offers exceptional commercial pest control service at the most affordable cost. We offer service to the following commercial areas:

  • Storage facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Shopping centers
  • Grocery stores and malls
  • Hotel and restaurants
  • Nursing homes
  • Educational facilities
  • Schools and colleges

Pest Control for Homeowners

Amaze Pest Control has a team of experts that offer pest control service in residential places. For us, the health of your family, children, and pets is the utmost priority. Thus, use the best pest control method and products to remove pests.

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the house and then apply the best-suited pest control treatment to combat the infestation. Contact us to get the best commercial pest control service in Canberra.

End of Lease Pest Control Service

It is the tenant’s responsibility to return the rented property to the owners in good condition. We make this job easy for you. Amaze Pest Control Canberra offers top-notch end of lease pest control service to effectively remove pests from the property, whilst ensuring the safety of the pets and family members. Get in touch with us to experience the best end-of-lease pest control service.

At Amaze Pest Control, we offer the best and effective pest control services to remove and control pests effectively. Our professional and expert technicians have vast experience in this niche and have earned reliability by offering exceptional service. We offer pest control service in Canberra and its surroundings. Call us now to schedule your pest control appointment for a commercial or domestic place.

Amaze Pest Control offers pest control services for the following places

  • Residential places
  • Commercial establishments
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Shops and malls
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Kid’s care center
  • Manufacturing plants and factories
  • Colleges and schools

The areas that are our technicians check

The pest control professionals from Amaze Pest Control Canberra will thoroughly inspect the below-mentioned areas:

  • Interiors of the building
  • Exteriors of the building
  • Roofs and ceilings
  • Gaps under the floor
  • Timber walls
  • Carpets
  • Garden, garage, and driveway
  • Fencing and backyard

Here are some useful tips to prevent pest infestation on your property

At Amaze Pest Control Canberra, we not only offer professional pest control service but also provide clients with some valuable pest control tips and suggestions that can help them keep the property safe from potential pests. Below are a few useful tips offered by technicians:

  • Ensure cleanliness and hygiene in your office or home
  • Store your food items properly, if possible, in an air-tight container
  • Use sanitized tissues to clean food items
  • Clean the place regularly
  • Do not leave food leftover on the floor
  • Trim the vegetation regularly
  • Mow the lawn periodically
  • Always change the dustbin bags
  • Use fly screens for windows and doors for additional protection against pests
  • Fill all the holes in walls, tiles, and cupboards
  • Clean your sink of any unwashed dishes before going to bed
  • Use door seals to cover the door bottoms to ensure that all entry points of pests are sealed for good
  • Ensure that pests do not have any easy access to any food or water

Amaze Pest Control Canberra provides the most reliable, safe, and quick pest control service to domestic and commercial places at a reasonable price. Contact our staff to know more about the services or book a pest control service.

Some Interesting Facts about Same Day Pest Control Canberra

Amaze Pest Control Canberra is an Australian-based pest control service provider that was established to offer comprehensive pest control solutions to residential and commercial clients in Canberra. We are a completely insured and licensed company that provides the most reliable pest control service to all customers. Plus, we work to ensure that no one in Canberra has to live with these notorious pests anymore.

  • Our budget-friendly pest control treatment ensures that everyone can afford the services without any issue. We follow all the pest control rules and regulations to make sure that they are safe.
  • Our service guarantees that your domestic and commercial property stays safe from all kinds of pest infestation throughout the year.
  • We only hire certified technicians to ensure that you get the best pest control solution and treatment.
  • Our pest control Canberra comprises hardworking, skilled, and licensed professionals who are experts in their areas.
  • We offer pest control services to residential and commercial places at the most affordable cost.

Reliable and Safe Pest Controllers

Amaze Pest Control is a well-known pest control company throughout Canberra for delivering high-end, safe pest control services. Our professional technicians are available throughout the day to support and offer tailored services to resolve your pest issues. Plus, we hire and work only with licensed, trained, and professional technicians so that you get the most reliable, desired, and safe results.

By making use of the latest and highly advanced technology, we effectively remove all types of irritating critters from your commercial and domestic properties. Moreover, we even work on weekends and public holidays. Contact us on 0480021568 to get a free quote or schedule an appointment.


What is the cost of pest control service in Canberra?

Amaze Pest Control Canberra is a well-known pest control service provider that offers services at the lowest price. Contact us on 0480021568 to get an on-call quote for pest control service in the home or office.

Is the pest control service a waste of money?

Pest can cause harm to property and your health. Thus, it is advised to remove pests from the property at the earliest. Contact us to get a value for money pest control service in Canberra.

Can I do the pest control by myself?

Pest control is not an easy job, and doing it without the right equipment, knowledge, and experience will fetch no results. To effectively remove pests, it is always advised to get professional help. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Do pest control companies guarantee results?

Yes! Amaze Pest Control ensures the outcomes. We use the latest technology and tools to effectively remove pests from your property.

How often should I do pest control?

It is advised to do pest control at least once a year to ensure that your property stays pest-free for long. Contact us to book an appointment.

Do pests reappear after pest control service?

No! Our technicians use the best-in-market products to ensure that the pests are completely removed from your property and do not reappear in the future.

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