Wasps are detrimental to the safety of your household. Their stings can cause redness, itching, swelling and allergic reactions. The wasp occurrence can trigger even more issues for the businesses as well as residences in the locality. So, do not feel hesitant to reach out for professional help even if you happen to see even a single wasp in your vicinity. Whiteface brown wasps, native paper wasps, European wasps, common wasps, sand wasps are some commonly known and spotted varieties of wasps in Australia. It is advisable to opt for professional wasp control Ashmont in the event of a wasp infestation in your commercial or residential property.

How to identify the different varieties of wasps

  • Paper wasps – They have brown, yellow, longish and smooth bodies. 
  • Mud wasps – They are about 1-1.5 inches long. They have thin and hairless bodies that are black and yellow in colour.
  • Whiteface brown wasps – They are 0.8mm to 10 mm in length and have white and brown colour bodies.
  • European wasps – These wasps have clear wings with the second pair being wider than the initial ones.  They are about 12-17mm long.
  • Common wasps – This variety has black antennae and wings that are nearer to their body.
  • Sand wasps – These varieties come in a black-white or a black-yellow colour combination. Their size is about ¾–1 inch.

Importance / Benefits

  • Pests like wasps can attack and sting if they are disturbed. They are not easy to deal with unless you are an expert. A professional pest control service has experienced and skilled pest control technicians that can deal with the wasp situation at hand with ease and proficiency. 
  • With a professional wasp control Canberra service, it is possible to prevent various health disorders that are triggered by wasps residing in your property. 
  • Professional pest control for wasp removal and extermination is also useful to protect your property from destruction caused by wasps and their colonies.
  • You can fasten the process of wasp removal from your property when you opt for professional assistance for the wasp infestation in your property. Your property is freed of these harmful pests quicker.
  • If you own a business space and it gets infested with wasps, you benefit with professional pest control options for wasp removal. Wasp control done via professionals is necessary to protect your employees from any dangers due to wasps and also to protect your space from damage. 
  • Your business is likely to earn a badge of poor repute if there are pests such as wasps and others lurking in the surroundings.
  • A pest control service that has been around for a few years will also be helpful in restoring hygiene and cleanliness in your property.

Why Choose Us?

Pest Control has been a dependable pest control services Canberra provider. We deliver reliable pest control services to a variety of clients. Our service personnel deliver effective pest control services to relief the client from different pest infestations. 

  • We deliver the same day and emergency pest control services for wasp removal. 
  • We have gathered huge experience in this business as of now. 
  • Our pest control services are executed by experienced professionals who have all legal certifications for the work. 
  • We provide pest control services at affordable rates. 
  • We deliver 24/7 Same Day Appointments too. 

Services we Offer

  • Wasp Pest Control Canberra 
  • Termite Control  
  • Spider Control  
  • Rodent Control  
  • Possum Removal  
  • Pest Control  
  • Moth Control  
  • Flea Control  
  • End Of Lease Pest Control  
  • Emergency Pest Control  
  • Dead Animal Removal  
  • Cockroach Control  
  • Borer Control  
  • Bees Control  
  • Bed Bugs Control 
  • Ant Control  
  • Residential Pest Control  
  • Commercial Pest Control  
  • Bird Nesting Control  
  • Silverfish Control  
  • Same Day Pest Control  
  • Rat Control    


Can I remove wasps from my property without professional help? 

Yes, you can only if you have professional equipment, protective gear and expertise to do so. Opting for professional help from wasp control team is advisable to prevent any harm due to the wasps. 

Are your wasp control services available on holidays? 

Yes, they are. You can ask for an appointment even on weekends and holidays by simply dialling 0480021568.  

Can I use pesticides to eliminate wasps from my property? 

The usage of pesticides for pest infestation should be done only by people who have complete knowledge of its usage and the quantities in which they would not cause harm to the surroundings. If you have a wasp infestation, contact wasp removal in Ashmont  for scheduling an appointment. 

Do you provide obligation-free quotes on phone? 

Yes, definitely! You just need to dial toll free 0480021568 to avail your free quote. 


Wasp removal team is the top wasp control service provider that you can reach out to when there is a wasp infestation in your home or garden.  

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