Do I Have Squirrels or Rats in My Attic?

Our question today is, do I have squirrels or rats in my attic? Hopefully, you have neither. But both roof rats and squirrels have been known to invade people’s attics to seek shelter, especially during the winter.

Both animals invade your home using similar means. They use overhanging trees or structures to gain access to your roof and then chew their way in. Once inside, they’ll cause even more damage to your structure and can reproduce rapidly. So it’s very important to find out which pest you’re dealing with ASAP telling squirrels and roof rats apart is actually really straightforward. First, you want to keep your home activity quiet and listen for scurrying or scratching noises in your walls or attic.

Take note of when you’re hearing the noises, if you hear most of the activity during the day, you have squirrels. If you hear the activity during the night, you have roof rats. Once you’ve identified your problem, then remove them with professional-grade products like live animal traps or bait. Then seal up their entryways with exclusionary materials like copper, mesh or caulk to prevent more rodents from entering again.

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Reviewed by: John Smith, Ph.D., MSc

John Smith is a renowned expert in the pest control industry, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is a licensed pest control professional, and has worked for both commercial and residential clients throughout his career.Throughout his career, John has developed innovative and effective pest control strategies, and has helped countless clients rid their homes and businesses of unwanted pests. He takes pride in his work and is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to his clients as well as providing technical assistance to branch offices and clients throughout Australia.In addition to his professional work, John is an active member of several pest control industry organizations, and regularly contributes to industry publications. He also prepares scientific reports for Ace Pest Control on any changes or updates to government regulations affecting the Pest Control industry.

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